Which Gillette Razor is the Best? [2021]

Which Gillette Razor is the Best?

Gillette is the top disposable razor brand in the world. They sell more disposable razors than any other brand. That being said, not all Gillette razors are great. Some are very good and others not so good, at least in my opinion. I’ve used every Gillette disposable razor and only like 2 of them.

Gillette Sensor 2 Plus Disposable Razor

One of the Gillette razors that I have used and liked for a long time is the Gillette Sensor 2 Plus. It’s a great little cheap disposable razor. But it has a lot of features that work really well and more importantly….IT’S SHARP. If a razor is not sharp, it’s not going to cut hair very well and will make shaving unpleasant. Dull razors or razor blades will pull your hair and nick your skin. That’s not good.

Gillette Sensor 2 Plus 2 blade razor

The Gillette Sensor 2 Plus has 2 blades that are very sharp. The 2 blades cut hair without any sensation. It just slides over your skin. You don’t even know your cutting hair. That’s how shaving should feel. That’s a good razor or actually a good blade or blades.

Something else I noticed with the Sensor 2 Plus is that you don’t feel the 2 blades scraping or dragging across your skin like the 4 and 5 blade razors. I don’t care for 4 or 5 blade razors. You can feel all of the blades scraping your skin.

After shaving with 4 or 5 blades, my skin feels a little raw. 2 blades does not do that. A lot of people think 4 or 5 blades will shave closer but this is not true. I’ve used 4 and 5 blade razors and compared them to 2 blades and 2 blades shave as close as 4 or 5 blades. And actually, all you really need is a single blade for a close shave.

Safety razors only have a single blade and will give you a really close shave. I use a safety razor almost everyday. It shaves as good as the best disposable multi blade razor.

The Gillette Sensor 2 Plus has one of the very best lubrication strips on any disposable razor. It’s nice and big and applies a super slippery lubricant on your skin. It’s far better than any other disposable razor that I have tried. It really helps the blades glide over your skin without nicks, cuts or razor burn.

The Sensor 2 Plus has a pivoting head that makes it follow the contours of your face easily. It works really well like most disposable razors. Another plus is the small 2 blade head. A smaller head makes it easy to shave in hard to get to areas like under your nose and the front of your chin. Larger 4 or 5 blade heads don’t work well in these areas. They are just too big.

The Sensor 2 handle is a basic plastic handle. It has some ridges to make it pretty non-slip and it works. It’s a very light razor which is good. I like it.

The Sensor 2 has good spacing in between the 2 blades. This allows easy rinsing of hair and shaving soap or foam. This is important because a clogged razor head will not cut well. It will pull and nick your skin. The Sensor 2 Plus rinses easily with low pressure running water.

I really like the Sensor 2 Plus for shaving my face and other body parts. It’s a great little razor. The Gillette Sensor 2 Plus cost about 80 cents per razor. You can’t beat that.

Gillette Mach 3 Disposable Razor

This is the BEST Gillette disposable razor. I have been using the Mach 3 for over 6 years and it’s awesome. No other Gillette disposable razor performs as well as the Mach 3, even the newest Fusion5 and SkinGuard razors.

Gillette Mach 3 Razor

The Gillette Mach 3 has 3 super sharp blades that cut without any sensation. You don’t feel any hesitation or pulling, just smooth sailing. Hair is cut very close to your skin and feels smooth. I’m not sure if it’s because of the 3 blades or just because the blades are super sharp. The Mach 3 shaves much better than the Sensor 5 or Fusion5 or SkinGuard.

The Gillette Mach 3 handle is unique in its angle to the razor head. Most razors have more of a 45 degree angle while the Mach 3 is much less, maybe 20 degrees. This makes it glide over your skin instead of pushing against it. Which reduces skin irritation and prevents nicks and cuts.

The Mach 3 handle is also very ergonomically designed. The center of the handle has a swell that makes it easy to grip and fits nicely in the palm of your hand. If a razor handle is too thin, it’s hard to grip and can tire your hand. The texture of the handle is excellent. It offers a super non-slip grip even with soap and water all over it. It never slips out of your hand. I have not found another disposable razor with a better handle.

The Mach 3 has a pivoting head, like most disposable razors. It works as well as any at adjusting to the contours of your face like the jawline and chin. It works flawlessly. The head also has a  lubrication strip and skin guard. The lubrication strip is a good one and has a very slippery lubricant.

The skin guard is a plastic strip that pulls your skin tight to provide a flat surface for the 3 blades to ride on. This prevents nicks and makes hair stand up before cutting. This skin guard doesn’t rub your skin like others. It slides over your skin. The Gillette Sensor5 has a very large skin guard and tends to rub your skin too much. The Mach 3 skin guard is much better.

The Mach 3 provides the best shave out of any disposable razor and is very close to a safety razor shave. It’s very good and makes shaving enjoyable. I have used the Mach 3 with shaving gel, shaving soap and shaving cream and it performs well with all of these. I’ll even say this, the Mach 3 shaves well with just water. It slides along with just the lubrication from the razor strip.

The Mach 3 is not only great for facial shaving but its also about the best for shaving legs, chest, underarms and abs. It’s just an all around great razor. The handle works well in the shower too. It does not get slippery when wet or soapy.