What Brand of Razor is the Best? [2021]

What Brand of Razor is the Best?

There are brands of razors that are generally better than others but within the brand there are good and not so good razors. You have to find out which particular razor is the best within the brand because not all razors in any brand are great, at least in my experience.

I have used many safety razors and disposable razors in the past 30 years. I’ll tell you which ones I like and why.

Disposable Razors – the best brand

In the disposable razor world there are only a few brands. There are Gillette, BIC, Schick, Dorco and various generic razors. Gillette has by far the greatest market share and then BIC.

Gillette Disposable Razors

Gillette has been around since I was a kid and is currently the top disposable razor brand by sales. Gillette has a wide selection of razors and continues to develop new high tech razors like the Fusion5 and the Sensor 5. I’ve tried all of the Gillette razors and only really like a couple of them. I like the Sensor 2 Plus and the Mach 3 razors.

disposable razors

Gillette Sensor 2 plus Disposable Razor

The Gillette Sensor 2 Plus is a twin blade disposable razor that is simple in design, cheap and very sharp. I like the Sensor 2 Plus because it shaves really close and is smooth. It doesn’t pull like other razors. It doesn’t nick your skin either.

The 2 blades are really sharp and cut hair with little sensation. The lubrication strip is very good. It is water activated and applies a film of super slippery lubrication. This makes the razor glide over your skin. I also like the small size of the razor head. It makes it easy to shave hard to get to areas like under your nose and chin. It’s just a great cheap disposable razor. It’s unbeatable for cheap razors.

Gillette Mach 3 Disposable Razor

I think the best Gillette or any disposable razor is the Gillette Mach 3. It makes shaving pleasant or enjoyable. The Mach 3 is a 3 blade razor that is super sharp and in fact most likely the sharpest razor I have used with the exception of safety razors. It cuts hair without any sensation. It just glides over your skin. You wouldn’t even know there are any blades in it.

The Gillette Mach 3 has a unique handle. This is another feature that makes it shave so nicely. The angle of the handle to the head makes you tend to pull the razor down your face instead of pushing it against your skin and then down. It redirects the force which makes it slide over your skin better. You have to try one to understand.

BIC Flex 3 and Flex 4 Disposable Razors

BIC also makes a few really good disposable razors. I like the Flex 3 and Flex 4 razors. These 2 are the best razors from BIC. I really don’t like 4 blade razors but the Flex 4 is a good one. The Flex 3 is however slightly better just because it has 3 blades and not 4. 4 blades is just too many. It’s too many blades scraping your skin and you will notice this after the shave. Your skin will feel dry and a little raw.

The BIC Flex 3 has a great handle design that is comfortable and totally non-slip. The 3 blades are very sharp and will cut hair very close without nicks or razor burn. It shaves very smoothly. If you like 4 blades then try the Flex 4. I can tell the difference between a shave with the Flex 3 and one with the Flex 4. I like the Flex 3. There’s less drag when shaving.

So those are the best brands/models of disposable razors. Now let’s talk about safety razors.

Best Brands of Safety Razors

For the most part safety razors are much better quality than disposable razors. But they are also more expensive. You get what your pay for…right?

Best Safety Razors for Legs

Merkur 34C, Edwin Jagger DE89, Parker 69CR Razors

The well known or larger brands are very good. Some of these include Edwin Jagger, Muhle, Feather, Merkur, Parker and Rockwell. Some of the less well known safety razor brands are Vikings Blade, Flagship and The Art of Shaving. These brands make really good safety razors too.

Safety razors from these brands are well made with traditional designs. The construction is usually brass, stainless steel and chromium. Sometimes aluminum is used. These safety razors will last a lifetime and keep shaving close. They will not wear out. Only the double edge blades wear out.

I would say that Feather makes the absolute best safety razors. They are expensive, from $160 – $250. I do not have a Feather safety razor, they’re just too expensive. But if money is not a consideration for you then get a Feather.

If I were to recommend a safety razor to anyone, I would recommend Edwin Jagger. I have 2 Edwin Jagger safety razors and love both of them. I have a DE89 and DE86. Why 2? Because one is for shaving body parts in the shower and one is for my face. The Edwin Jagger DE86 has a rubber grip and is ideal for the shower. Metal grips/handles are just too slippery in the shower. The DE86 works perfectly and shaves unbelievably smooth and close. Disposable razors can’t come close.

The Edwin Jagger DE89 is a beautiful safety razor straight from across the pond, Sheffield, England. It’s a top quality razor and performs well. It’s smooth shaving and easy to maneuver. It’s a classy design and a real bargain at $45.00. You can’t beat it at any price. It’s a 3 piece safety razor with high precision parts. The handle is nicely knurled for a non-slip grip. The chrome plating is polished to a mirror’s finish. The DE89 is at its best with Feather Hi-stainless double edge razor blades.

I also would recommend the Muhle R89 safety razor. It’s made in Germany and is very well made. It’s comparable to the Edwin Jagger. They look very similar when you place the base plates and top plates next to each other. They are heavy duty and will last a lifetime. Muhle safety razor cost about the same as the Edwin Jagger, at about $45.00.

If you want to go a little less expensive but with good quality, try Parker safety razors. I have the Parker 69CR Convertible safety razor. It has an open comb base plate and a closed comb base plate. You get 2 safety razors in one. It’s a great razor for about $35. It’s manufactured in India. Some of the other Parker safety razors cost about $20. They are heavy duty and well made. My 69CR is a good razor but does not shave as smoothly as the Edwin Jagger.

Merkur safety razors are very popular. They are manufactured in Germany. I have the Merkur 34C safety razor. It has a short handle, which I do not like. It supposed to be ideal for shaving your face. The short handle is supposed to make the razor more maneuverable. But It’s harder to hold because it so short. I prefer a longer handle. It’s easier to hold.

The Merkur 34C razor is well made and gives a good close shave with Feather double edge razor blades. It’s a 2 piece design with heavy duty handle and top plate. The handle has some good knurling to prevent slippage in water and/or soap. I would recommend a longer handle than the 34C. Try the Merkur 23C safety razor. It has a nice long handle.

If you’re looking for something different and eye-catching then look at Flagship safety razors. They are certainly unique and well made. I have the Serein. It’s definitely the nicest looking safety razor and it comes in a wooden antiqued box.

Flagship The Serien Safety Razor in Box

Here is my review on double edge safety razor blades.

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