What Are The Different Types of Gillette Razors? [2021]

What Are The Different Types of Gillette Razors?

Gillette has been making disposable razors for a very long time and are the top selling disposable razor. Gillette makes some really good razors and some not so good. You have to experiment to see which ones work well for you.

I’ve been using Gillette disposable razors for over 30 years and still use a few of them. I like the Sensor 2 Plus and the Mach 3 razors.

Gillette Sensor 3 Razor

Gillette Sensor3 Disposable Razor

Gillette Good News Razors

The Gillette Good News razor is a twin blade disposable razor. It is the cheapest disposable razor that Gillette offers. It an OK razor for traveling or to carry with you for a quick touch up but not the best for everyday shaving. It’s a very basic 2 blade razor with a hollow plastic handle. There is no lubrication strip on the head but there is a skin guard strip that pulls your skin tight while shaving. This allows the blades to ride over a flat surface to prevent nicks. It works fairly well. I prefer the Sensor 2 Plus. It has a really good lubrication strip.

The Gillette good News razor do not have a pivoting head. It is fixed.

Gillette Sensor 2

The Sensor 2 is a 2 blade disposable razor that is probably a redesign of the Good News. It has a little better handle that makes it easy to maneuver. The handle is still all hard plastic like the Good News and is slippery when wet. The razor head is improved with a really nice lubrication strip and a skin guard. The lubrication strip is water activated and applies a nice lubricant on your skin while shaving. It’s really slippery.

The Sensor 2 is really sharp and does shave close. I do get nicks once in a while but it’s not too bad. I still use Sensor 2 Plus razors today. It’s a nice little razor that is easy to get in hard to reach areas. It’s great for underarms, the back of the neck and other body parts and the face too.

The Sensor 2 has a pivoting head which makes it easy to shave contoured areas of the face like chin and neck.

Gillette Sensor 3

The Gillette Sensor 3 is a totally new design. The handle is fantastic. It’s very ergonomic and is easy to hold. The handle is quite a bit larger than the Sensor 2 razor. The Sensor 3 handle also has a great texture. It feels like rubber and is pretty “grippy”. I love the handle. It’s a good non-slip grip, even with shaving gel on it.

The Sensor 3 design is great but the shave is not, unfortunately. I was disappointed when I tried the Sensor 3. I was expecting it to be as sharp and smooth as the Sensor 2 but it is not. It pulls a lot when shaving. It’s just not sharp enough. I used 4 Sensor 3 razors just to make sure they all shave the same way and they do. It’s a rough shave at best. The shave is close but not smooth.

The Sensor 3 has a 40 degree pivoting head which allows the blades to follow the contours of your face easily.

Gillette Mach 3

OK, this razor is the “Bomb”. Buy this one. I’ve been shaving with the Gillette Mach 3 for many years and nothing comes close. I’ve tried 10 or 12 disposable razors in the past 2 years and the Mach 3 is unbeatable.

The Mach 3 handle is unique and no other razor has a handle close to the Mach 3. The angle of the handle to blade head makes this razor glide over your skin with very little effort. This unique angle makes you pull it down instead of the usual push/pull type effort. It’s just different and it works. The handle has a great hand filling design and a super non-slip texture. I can’t think of any improvements here.

Gillette Mach 3 Razor

The Mach 3 blades are SHARP. They cut very close and without effort. You cannot tell it’s cutting hair. It just glides. The 3 blades are spaced apart enough to provide quick and easy rinsing. No clogging at all. There is a lubrication strip on top of the head and a skin guard on the bottom. Both work very well. Nice job Gillette!

I can use the Mach 3 razor for over a month before it starts to get dull. It just keeps cutting. Most razors are good for about 10-15 shaves with proper lubrication. The Mach 3 is good for 20-30 shaves easily.

Gillette Sensor 5

The Gillette Sensor 5 is a totally new design from the Sensor 3. The Sensor 5 has 5 blades and a high tech handle. The new handle to fairly straight with a nice thickness that gives you something to hold on to. The texture is really nice and very non-slip. It’s kind of “rubbery”. This is one razor that will not slip out of your hands.

The Sensor 5 head is LARGE. It has 5 blades and a huge skin guard. The lubrication strip is small and works OK. I would have preferred a large lubrication strip and smaller skin guard. The large blade head makes it a little challenging to shave under your nose. There’s just not enough room for the 5 blade head. It’s also hard to shave your chin with the 5 blade head. It’s just too big.

The Sensor 5 is very sharp but the 5 blades, in my opinion, are overkill. That’s just too many. It kind of makes the razor drag/scrape over your skin instead of gliding. It does shave very close but my skin felt a little raw afterwards. I think 3 blades is about as good as multi-blades get, any more and it’s detrimental.

The design of the handle and the angle of the blade head make this razor awkward to use. I just couldn’t get used to it or make it work well.

I guarantee there will never be a 6 blade disposable razor.

Gillette Fusion5

The Gillette Fusion5 is very similar to the Sensor 5 razor. The handle is very similar and both razors have 5 blades. The handle is nicely designed and works well. It’s covered with a rubber-like coating to make it totally non-slip. It’s very comfortable in your hand and won’t slip out.

The Fusion5 head contains 5 anti-friction blades that are very sharp. They cut hair very close. But you don’t need 5 blades to get a close shave. One blade can do that and has been doing that for over 70 years. Just look at the safety razor with double edge blades.

There is a Lubrastrip on the top of the razor head that applies a slick lubricant to your skin while shaving. It works fairly well. On the bottom of the razor head are Microfins. Microfins are strips of plastic/hard rubber that pull your skin tight during the shave. Tight skin gives the razor a flat surface to ride on. It prevents nicks and makes the hair stand up right before cutting. What I noticed about the Microfins is that they tend to drag on your skin making it more difficult to pull the razor. The Gillette Mach3 has a better skin guard system.

Gillette ProGlide Shield

The Gillette ProGlide Shield razor is a Fusion5 design but with a redesigned pivoting head or better known as “Flexball Technology”. The head is able to move independently of the handle. It’s pretty complex in mechanics. But the most important part of a razor is the blades and head design. The handle is just an accessory.

In my opinion, the ProGlide razor is too complicated. A razor can be simple and shave close and in comfort. The 5 blade head is overkill for shaving every day. I’ve used a few 5 blade razors and won’t use them anymore. They tend to drag across your skin and make it raw. 5 blades does not cut closer than 1 or 2.

I shaved one side of my face with 5 blades and the other side with 1 blade. I could not tell the difference. Both were very close.

Gillette SkinGuard

The Gillette SkinGuard razor is essentially the Fusion5 but with a special SkinGuard between the blades to keep skin away from the blades. It’s marketed to people with sensitive skin and prone to irritation and razor burn. There are only 2 blades instead of 5 with the Fusion5. Everything else looks like the Fusion5 razor.

Gillette states that you will not get that close of a shave with the SkinGuard razor. Not as close as the 5 blade razors.

My opinion is this; If you have sensitive skin, try the Gillette Mach 3 for Sensitive skin. It’s perfecto! Nothing works as well as the Mach 3 razor. It shaves close and smooth.