Edwin Jagger DE89 Safety Razor Review [2020]

Edwin Jagger DE89 Safety Razor 2020 Review

The Edwin Jagger DE89 safety razor is a well made traditional 3 piece design that makes shaving easy for beginners. It provides a super close shave that is comfortable and creates a very pleasant experience for newbies. You can’t go wrong with the Brits.

Edwin Jagger has been designing and manufacturing male grooming products since 1988. It is a family owned and operated business that takes pride it its products. Edwin Jagger LTD is a world leader in wet shaving and grooming products.

Edwin Jagger razors are made in Sheffield, England. They are moderately priced [$40] with very high quality. This is not your typical company that outsources to Asia or China. These razors are actually manufactured in England. Edwin Jagger is engraved nicely on the top of the handle. First class. No disappointments here.

Every Edwin Jagger safety razor is thoroughly inspected and then hand packed in a classy box. Visit Edwin Jagger here.

Edwin Jagger DE89 Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger DE89 Handle

The DE89 is fitted with a very precision hollow brass handle. The handle is highly polished and chrome plated to perfection. The chrome plating is very thick and smooth. The knurling is mild or non-aggressive and well done. At first it feels not aggressive enough. You can run your finger up and down the handle and barely feel the knurling. You might think it will slip out of your hands when wet…BUT it does not. It’s pretty amazing how it works. It doesn’t slip at all, even with shaving soap all over it. It’s perfectly executed.

The DE89 handle is 3.35″ long or 85 mm and I think it’s the perfect length. I have a Merkur 34C that has a 2.8″ handle. I thought that length was good until I shaved with the Edwin Jagger, I discovered the longer handle is much better for me. It feels better in my hand and allows good maneuverability and feels pretty nimble. The balance is astounding. It’s feels light yet has the gravity mass to shave without effort. Some razors are head heavy, which is not a bad thing. The Edwin Jagger is perfectly balanced.

The handle unscrews from the head plate to expose the razor blade. It easily changes in seconds. The plate screw and handle threaded hole are very precisely machined. There is very little play.

Edwin Jagger DE89 Head

The Edwin Jagger safety razor head is well renowned in the shaving world. It’s a simple 2 part, die cast assembly that is very precise and highly polished. The design does not look different from other manufacturers like Merkur or Parker but it’s dimensions are different. I haven’t compared or measured the blade gap but I’m thinking it’s unique because it shavers very close and is very forgiving. I’m a new safety razor shaver and the Edwin Jagger allowed me to shave easily without any blood shed. The blade gap has a lot to do with this. This one is perfect.

The Edwin Jagger DE89 is a closed comb design that is ideal for beginners and experienced shavers alike. The closed comb provides a steel bar under the blade that pulls skin tight and provides a smooth, flat surface for the blade to ride on and cut hair. This bar is highly polished and chrome plated and is as smooth as glass. It slides over your skin with the least amount of effort. The closed comb has a small blade gap to help shavers achieve a very close shave without cuts or nicks.

The Edwin Jagger razor head has large open ports to allow easy rinsing. Hair and shaving soap/shaving gel will easily and quickly rinse from the razor with low pressure water. Clogged heads will lead to blade dulling and poor performance.

Edwin Jagger DE89 Blade

Edwin Jagger safety razors come with 1 Feather Hi-Stainless DE razor blade. My experience with Feather brand razor blades is awesome. Feather blades are very sharp. It is a much better blade than the Merkur blades I have been using. It shaves very close and smoothly. It cuts much smoother than other blades. The blade is very critical. When you find the right one, it transforms a safety razor into an exquisite, luxury tool. Try Feather.

Edwin Jagger DE89 Aesthetics

The Edwin Jagger DE89 is not a new or fancy design but a classic design from the dark ages. This design is tried and true. Edwin Jagger does it in style and with the utmost quality. It’s like an English double rifle. It’s a 200 year old design but cannot really be improved upon. They are very reliable and last a lifetime. How do you improve on that?

The Edwin Jagger looks like typical English manufacturing….not flashy but well made. It’s a very attractive razor with excellent engraving on the handle and nicely done knurling. The chrome plating is very thick and the metal work is highly polished where needed. Fit and finish are excellent.

The Edwin Jagger DE89 comes in many variations like gold plating, colored handles and different styled knurling. There is quite the selection if you get bored with all chrome.

Edwin Jagger DE89 Shave

I was pleasantly surprised with the Edwin Jagger. I have been using the Merkur 34C and getting used to safety razor shaving. I’m a beginner and I’m having fun learning the ins and outs. The Merkur 34C with the Merkur blade is a little “pully”. It pulls somewhat but again I’m new. However the Edwin Jagger is another story. It’s smooth. It’s sharp. WOW. What a difference! It was a much better shave. No pulling and no cuts.

The Edwin Jagger came with a Feather Hi-Stainless DE razor blade. I’m not sure if its the blade or the razor that made the difference. Maybe both. But it’s very sharp. I want to try the Feather blades in my Merkur 34C and see how it compares.

I really like the Edwin Jagger DE89. It handles well and is easy to maneuver. It’s very well balanced which makes it feel light. It’s a top notch safety razor and certainly a winner.


I love the Edwin Jagger DE89 safety razor. It shaves close and smoothly. It’s a classic design and very well made. The handle is really above and beyond others. It’s tastefully knurled and engraved with just the right amount of attention. It’s not gaudy or showy or flashy. Which is a good thing. It’s all Class.

The DE89 retails for about $40 and it’s well worth it.