Does Shaving Age Your Face?

Does Shaving Age Your Face?

Shaving does not directly age your face or any part of your body but shaving products can. So be careful which shaving products like shaving soaps and foams or creams you use. Some have chemicals that are not skin friendly.

Tip: If your current shaving soap or shaving foam/gel leaves your skin feeling dry and tight, you might want to make a change. This is a sign it is removing the natural oil on your skin.

Flagship The Serien Safety Razor

Skin Exfoliation from Shaving

Skin exfoliation is beneficial to your skin and can slow down the aging process. Removing dead skin cells will unclog pores and keep the skin free of debris. Dead skin cells can accumulate and cause itchy skin and/or clogged pores which can become infected.

Skin Stimulation from Shaving

Shaving is a good way to stimulate your skin regularly. Stimulation promotes cell regeneration and growth via increased circulation. Anytime you provide stimulation to the human body it promotes healing. Just make sure that the stimulation is gentle and not too harsh. You don’t want to damage your skin.

Avoid nicks and cuts when shaving. Take your time shaving, using short slow strokes.

Shaving Cream/Gel Helps Skin Heal

Avoid using shaving foams, creams and gels that contain soap, alkaline detergents and chemicals that change the pH of your skin. The most common chemical is sodium laurate sulfate or SLS. These chemicals will stress your skin and cause the body to send resources to heal it. These resources are diverted from other body parts and will suffer from the diversion. You ideally want to avoid any body stresses if you want to slow down the aging process.

Look for shaving products that are mildly acidic and use the following oils; Argan Oil, Jajoba, Sweet Almond Oils. Other herbal and natural healing agents like Manuka and Jarray Honey are good for your skin also. Look for shaving products with these ingredients.

The Dove Beauty Bar is a perfect example of a skin friendly skin product. The Dove Beauty Bar is not a soap but a beauty bar. There is a big difference. The Dove Beauty Bar is pH balanced and has NO sulfates.

Dove Beauty Bar for Sensitive Skin

Beneficial Shaving Soap/Foam Ingredients

  • Glycerin
  • Coconut Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Coconut Butter
  • Essential Oils

Cleansing Skin Before Shaving

Most people rinse and/or wash his/her face before shaving. Washing the skin with a gentle soap like the Dove Beauty bar will remove debris and chemical pollutants from your skin. Removing toxins from the skin reduces stress and will slow down the aging process. Your skin will stay young longer.

Soap will also kill bacteria and viruses that may be on your skin. Killing these pathogens will reduce the chance of getting infected or infecting others.

Avoid soaps with fragrance as it can irritate your skin.

Shaving Razors for Healthy Skin

To prevent skin aging, you want to reduce skin stress like nicks, cuts and razor burn or skin irritations. A good quality disposable or safety razor with a sharp blade is a way to prevent skin stress and aging. The fewer blades the better. More blades can damage your skin. 1 or 2 blades is most likely best. The razor should glide over your skin smoothly. If your razor does not, try another one. I have found that good safety razors are great for helping your skin stay young. They cut smoothly and without undue stress. Here is my review on the best safety razors.

If you like disposable razors, try the Gillette Sensor 2 Plus or the Gillette Mach 3 for Sensitive skin. These 2 disposable razors are the best that I have used. Read my post on the best disposable razors here.