Does Shaving Age Your Face?

Does Shaving Age Your Face?

Shaving does not directly age your face or any part of your body but shaving products can. So be careful which shaving products like shaving soaps and foams or creams you use. Some have chemicals that are not skin friendly.

Tip: If your current shaving soap or shaving foam/gel leaves your skin feeling dry and tight, you might want to make a change. This is a sign it is removing the natural oil on your skin.

Flagship The Serien Safety Razor

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Is It Better to Shave with a Single Blade? [2021]

Is It Better to Shave with a Single Blade?

It is actually better to shave with a razor that only has one blade. One blade will tend to irritate/scrape your skin less while still giving you a close shave. It only takes one sharp razor blade to cut hair.

You can use either a single blade disposable razor [BIC Single Blade Disposable] or a safety razor. I prefer using a safety razor like a Edwin Jagger DE89 or Parker 69CR safety razor. These are really nice.

Muhle R89 Rosegold Safety Razor

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Is It Painful to Shave Pubic Hair? [2021]

Is It Painful to Shave Pubic Hair?

Shaving pubic hair can be a pleasant experience if you do it right. You can avoid nicks and razor burn and get a close shave if you use a good razor and shaving cream or shaving gel. I shave my pubic hair 3 or 4 times per week and it’s pretty easy. I’ll tell you how I do it.

Best Shaving Razors for Pubic Hair

I’ve tried many different razors from 2 blade to 3 blade and even 4 blades. I have found that less blades is better for pubic hair. I prefer 2 blades in a disposable razor like the Gillette Sensor 2 Plus. The 2 bladed head is small and easy to get into hard to reach areas like pubic hair. 3 and 4 blade razors are just too big for this area. You need to be able to see what you’re shaving to prevent cuts.

Gillette Sensor 2 Plus 2 blade razor

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