BIC Flex 5 Disposable Razor Review [2021]

BIC Flex 5 Disposable Razor 2021 Review

The BIC Flex 5 disposable razor is vastly different from it’s predecessors, the Flex 4 and Flex 3. BIC makes some really great disposable razors that shave very close and are very smooth. Let’s talk about how the Flex 5 performs and stacks up against other razors.

BIC Flex 5 Razor

BIC Flex 5 Handle

The Flex 5 handle is a big change from the Flex 3 and Flex 4, which I love. The new Flex 5 handle is an exaggerated hour glass design meant to fill your hand more. The bottom and top of the handle are bigger while the center is very narrow. The bottom swell does fill your hand and makes the razor feel secure in your hand. I’m not sure how the narrow center works. I used it for my fingers to grasp while shaving but I’m not sure if that’s where you’re supposed to hold it. I’ve also tried holding it at the top with my fingers. That worked equally as well. It’s a little too complicated for me.

The texture of the Bic Flex 5 handle is very “grippy”. I like that. There was no slipping when wet or with shaving foam all over it. It’s a very secure texture and well done like the other Flex disposable razors.

BIC Flex 5 Blade Head

The BIC Flex 5 head is a 40 degree pivoting head which allows the blades to follow every contour of your face or legs or whatever. It pivots easily and does not bind or hesitate.

This 5 blade head is a bit large. This can make it a little challenging to shave certain areas like under the nose and the chin area. If you look at the razor, the head doesn’t look overly large but when you shave with it you will notice its massive size.

The Flex 5 head contains 5 flexible blades that are very sharp. The blades can flex with the contours of your face like along the jawline. This promotes a close shave without nicks.

The 5 blades are spaced well to make rinsing hair and shaving soap/foam easy. I had no clogging when using the Flex 5. Clogged blades tend to be dull and can cause nicks.

There is a lubricating strip on the top of the blade head. It’s activated with water and applies a thin film of lubricant on your skin while shaving. Lubrication is essential when shaving. It helps the blades cut cleanly without irritation or nicks. This strip works well.

On the bottom of the razor head is a skin guard. The skin guard is a strip of plastic that pulls your skin tight so the blades can ride on a flat surface. This helps the blades cut the hair closely and prevent nicks.

BIC Flex 5 Appearance

The Flex 5 looks very cool. It’s very high tech looking. The black, white and yellow color scheme is very attractive. I give it 5 stars for marketing. This is the reason I wanted to try the Flex 5. I saw it and bought it because it looks cool.

BIC Flex 5 Shave

The BIC Flex 5 has very sharp blades and cuts hair very close and smoothly. It glides along really well although I did notice some extra drag from the 5 blades. They seem to scrape your skin more than lesser blade razors. It’s quite noticeable. Remember there are 5 blades riding on your skin instead of 2 or 3. My skin felt a bit scraped afterwards.

The BIC Flex 5 is very comfortable to hold and stays in your hand even when covered with shaving cream. The handle texture is great. The pivoting head works well like most disposable razors. It makes it easy to shave along the jawline and the chin.

I was able to get 15 shaves from the Flex 5 before it started to pull. Most disposable razor manufacturers say you should get about 10 shaves.

BIC Flex 5 Comments

I’ve shaved with many disposable razors over the past 30 years and I have my favorites like the Gillette Mach 3 and the BIC Flex 3. I prefer 2 and 3 blades.

The Flex 5 is just a bit awkward to use. The 5 blade head is just BIG. It’s hard to use under the nose where you need to shave close to the bottom of your nose. The 5 blade head just can’t get in there. It’s also hard to use to shave the chin. The chin doesn’t offer much flat surface for the large 5 blade head to ride on. This makes it hard to shave your chin easily.

The 5 blades really do scrape your skin more. I use a really good shaving gel and my skin still feels scraped after using the Flex 5. When I shave with the Mach 3 or Flex 3 I don’t have the same experience. I think the fewer blades the better.

The Flex 5 does not shave closer than the Flex 3 or the Gillette Mach 3. So more blades is not better. The BIC Flex 3 is amazing though. You should try it.

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