Best Safety Razor for Legs [2021]

Best Safety Razor for Legs in 2021

Safety razors can be used effectively for any body hair including legs. Some areas will present somewhat of a challenge like underarms and pubic hair but it can be done comfortably with the right safety razor and high quality double edge blades.

I’ve used and tested 6 different safety razors and double edge blades in the past year. I’ve found some brands to be spectacular and others not so good. I’ve used safety razors to shave my face, arms and legs. I don’t care to use one on my chest though. It’s a little tricky.

Best Safety Razors for Legs

Merkur 34C, Edwin Jagger DE89, Parker 69CR Razors

Here is probably the most critical feature on a safety razor to consider when using it to shave your legs. That is the handle and more specifically the knurling [grip] on the handle.

Using a metal razor in the shower can be pretty crazy trying to keep it in your hand. Smooth metal is very slippery when wet and more so with shaving soap on it. If the handle is not aggressively knurled, it will slip out of your hand.

The Parker 69CR safety razor has really aggressive knurling on the handle. It will not slip out of your hand no matter what. This is what you need in order to shave your legs in the shower.

Another handle feature that is ideal for shaving your legs with a safety razor is the length of the handle. Longer handles are better for shaving legs because it gives you more reach. You won’t have to bend over and reach as far with a longer handle. Look for a 3″ handle or longer.

Here is my ranking of the safety razors that I have tested and used frequently. The Edwin Jagger DE89 and the Muhle R89 are great safety razors but they are not ideal to use in the shower. They will slip out of your hand when wet/soapy.

I just bought the Edwin Jagger DE86 which is like the DE89 but with a rubber grip on the handle. I tested it in the shower and it is totally non-slip when wet or with soap on the handle. It’s my #1 choice for shaving in the shower.

  1. Edwin Jagger DE86 w/ Rubber Grip
  2. Parker 69CR Convertible Safety Razor
  3. Edwin Jagger Chrome Laser 3D Diamond
  4. Merkur  23C/180  Long Handle
  5. Edwin Jagger DE89 Safety Razor
  6. Muhle R89 Rosegold Safety Razor
  7. Merkur 34C Safety Razor

I recently tried the Edwin Jagger DE89 and the Muhle R89 safety razors to shave my legs. They both are excellent safety razors that will shave very close and smoothly. However they are not ideal to shave your legs in the shower. The knurling on the handles is too mild to hold on to in the shower with soap and water. I had a hard time keeping a grip on these 2 razors.

Aside from the slippery grip they both shaved my legs better than any other razor I’ve tried. I usually use a disposable razor and more specifically the Gillette Mach 3. These 2 safety razors worked much better. They are much smoother. You don’t even know your cutting hair. I had to double check to see if there was a double edge razor blade in the safety razors. It just did not feel like it was cutting hair. It was amazing to say the least.

I was using shaving soap and not shaving gel to boot. The shaving soap was Van Der Hagen scented shaving soap. It’s awesome. It makes a really thick lather and really lubricates your skin.

How to Chose a Safety Razor to Shave Your Legs

The most important feature is the knurling or type of handle on the safety razor. Some safety razors have metal handles while some have exotic wood or carbon fiber or plastic. You want a handle that will not be slippery when wet and with soap all over it. Safety razors are much heavier than a disposable razor and can easily slip out of your hand. Get the most aggressive non-slip handle as possible.

Edwin Jagger has a safety razor with a rubber grip. I just ordered one. The review will follow soon.

I just received it from The model is the DE86. It looks just like the DE89 but with a rubber grip on the handle. The top plate and base plate seem to be identical. The rubber grip feels really good. I put the Feather Hi-Stainless double edge blade in it and took it into the shower. I wanted to see how it feels when wet and soapy. I soaped up my legs and started shaving. The handle was grippy while being wet and soapy. This is perfect for shaving legs or any body part in the shower. No more fear of dropping a safety razor in the shower. Try the Edwin Jagger DE86. It’s made in Sheffield, England and is very high quality. It costs $45.

The other important feature is the type of comb on the safety razor. There are 2 types, open comb and closed comb. You want the closed comb. A closed comb has a smaller blade gap which protects your skin from the razor blade. Open comb safety razors are for a more aggressive cut, like for long or curly hair. You don’t want an open comb razor for shaving your legs. It could nick or cut your legs.

The only other consideration when using a safety razor to shave your legs is the double edge razor blades. Some double edge razor blades are really sharp and others are not. Although leg hair is much finer and less densely populated than facial hair and so, it is much easier to shave. So blades may not be critical for a close shave on your legs.

In my experience the best double edge razor blades for shaving your face is the Feather Hi-Stainless blades. They are the absolute sharpest. Astra and Derby double edge blades are also good 2nd choices. These should work fine for shaving legs.

I have found that using shaving soap to shave your legs works much better than any shaving gel or shaving foam or cream. Shaving soap is safer, ingredients wise, cleans, softens and moisturizes your legs. It also is a great lubricate for a safety razor. The thick lather is very slippery. Oh….and it smells GREAT.

Read the ingredients on your favorite shaving gel or foam and then compare it to a good quality shaving soap like GBS or Proraso or Lather & Wood or Van Der Hagen and of course Williams Mug shaving soap. All of these have natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. There’s typically about 7 ingredients or less and you can pronounce all of them. They also have Shea butter or coconut oil and glycerin. All of these are good for your skin.

Shaving soap is much better to use when shaving your legs. It works far better, costs less and lasts longer. A typical shaving soap bar will last 3-6 months. The fantastic smell is worth it alone. You won’t get that fresh clean scent from a shaving gel.

Shaving soap is also dual purpose. You can wash your entire body with a shaving soap and shave at the same time. It just makes more sense.

If you want to learn more about shaving soaps, here is my review post on the best shaving soaps.