Best Disposable Razors for Men [2020]

Best Disposable Razors for Men 2020

The best disposable razors that provide a close, smooth shave without nicks are both 3 blade razors from Gillette and BIC. They are sharp, ergonomically designed and make shaving a pleasant experience.

Let’s look at how disposable razor stacks up. I’ve tried many razors and only really love one. Here are my reviews.

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Gillette Sensor 2 Plus

The Sensor 2 Plus is a great little cheapo.

Gillette Sensor 2 Plus 2 blade razor

Blades – 2 stainless steel blades that are sharp and are spaced well so that cleaning is easy with running water. They are very sharp and you don’t notice or feel the hair being cut. It’s really smooth.

The blade head is pivoting for ease of shaving contours like chin, neck and jawline.

Handle – the Sensor 2 handle is a budget handle with a small square shape. It is plastic with ridges and feels like plastic. It’s not a non-slip grip but works quite well. It is a little too small for me. The Sensor 3 handle is much better.

The handle angle to the blade head is good. It’s not too high or low. This makes it comfortable to shave with and not awkward like some razors with too much angle.

Lubrication – the lubrication strip is excellent on this razor. It’s very slippery when you wet it and makes the blades glide over your skin without nicks or razor burn. There is also a skin guard, which is a specially designed plastic strip that pulls your skin tight. This helps the blades cut the hair below the surface and prevents nicks and razor burn.

Shave – the Sensor 2 Plus gives an excellent shave even though it is a budget or cheap razor. The blades are very sharp and you never feel like you’re cutting hair. It just feels like the razor is sliding over your skin. The handle is small and cheap plastic but it does work. The razor head is small because it only encases 2 blades and is easy to shave hard to get to places like under your nose and the chin. I like 2 blade razors for this reason. The 4 and 5 blade razors have a head that is too big.

Comments – The Gillette Sensor 2 Plus is my 3rd favorite razor next to the Bic Flex 3 and the Gillette Mach 3. It gives you a close and smooth shave every time and at a super low price. These razors are cheap. They shave better than more expensive razors and razors with more blades. Sensor 2 Plus razors last as long as any disposable razor. I get about 20-25 shaves from one before it starts to get dull.

I prefer to shave my face with a Gillette Mach 3 but always use the Sensor 2 plus to shave other body parts like back, underarms, back of the neck, pubic area and shoulders. It’s versatile and easy to get into tight places.

Gillette Sensor 3 Sensitive

Gillette Sensor 3 Plus Razor

Gillette Sensor 3 Sensitive razor and Cremo Shaving Creme

Blades – 3 independently spring mounted stainless steel blades. The blades are not as sharp as the Sensor 2. They seem to pull slightly but do shave close. The blades are spaced well to promote rinsing easily. Clogged blades do not cut smoothly. The razor head features a 40 degree pivoting head for shaving facial contours like chin, neck and jawline.

Handle – OK, this handle is awesome. It’s large enough to grip well and feels like rubber. It’s soft and non-slip and ergo designed. It makes shaving your entire face easy and comfortable. It looks cool too.

Lubrication – the sensor 3 features the new and improved Enhanced Lubrastrip. And let me say it is excellent. It really packs some serious lubrication. However the Sensor 2 Plus offers a little more lubrication. The Sensor 3 slides nicely over your skin without nicks or razor burn.

The skin guard pulls your skin tight so the blades can cut the hair even or below the skin. This gives your a closer shave and prevents or reduces nicking.

Shave – the Sensor 3 Sensitive gives a close shave but it does not cut without slight pulling. The 3 blade head is small enough to shave under the nose easily unlike 4 and 5 blade heads. The handle is really nice. It feels great in your hand and is easy to control. It’s a good choice and is pretty cheap.

Comments – I like the Sensor 3 Sensitive razor. It’s not my favorite but it does give you a good shave without ouches. It’s not the best that I have used. The handle however is really nice. I like 3 blade razors because they are not too small and not too big.

Gillette Mach 3

The Mach 3 is the absolute best disposable razor that I have used in 35 years. It’s amazingly smooth.

Gillette Mach 3 Razor

Blades – 3 stronger than steel blades that stay sharp and last longer. Gillette says you can get 15 great shaves from each Mach 3 razor.They are very sharp and cut without any sensation. Just smooth sailing.

The DuraComfort blades are held by an open architecture head which allows quick and easy rinsing. The blades stay clean and don’t clog.

Handle – this is the most comfortable razor handle I’ve used. It’s perfectly designed to maximize comfort and control. The handle texture feels great in your hand and gives you a very good non-slip grip even with shaving foam on it. It’s hand filling but not too big. Just right.

Lubrication – the Mach 3 features a fantastic lubrication strip. It allows the 3 blades to glide over your skin and cut hair extremely close. No nicks or cuts or razor burn. You could almost use this razor without shaving gel or foam. And I actually do but not on my face. I use it on my legs without shaving gel or foam…just warm water. It still does not nick or pull.

The Microfin skin guard pulls your skin tight so the blades can cut the hair even or slightly below the skin. It prevent nicks and cuts. It works very well.

Shave – AWESOME. The Mach 3 gives me the closest and most comfortable shave ever. It’s so smooth, it’s unbelievable. You don’t even know you’re cutting hair. It glides….even after 10 shaves. I’ve never had any nicks or razor burn from a Mach 3. It’s definitely a 5 star razor.

Comments – This is my favorite disposable razor and I’ve used a lot of different razors. I use a Mach 3 for my face, legs, chest and abs. It does everything so well…cuts close, lubricates, no pulling, easy to control and non-slip. The handle to blade head angle is different than your typical razor. This makes it work so much better. You have to try one.

Gillette Sensor 5

I thought this razor would be a favorite of mine but not.

Blades – 5 diamond-like carbon coated blades. The blades are very sharp but the number of blades make the head of the razor larger and sometimes harder to use in some areas. The head is a 40 degree pivoting type. The pivoting head makes it easier to shave contour areas on the face.

Handle – the handle is rubber-like and offers good non-slippage and OK comfort. It is ergonomic and fits most hands quite well. It’s odd shaped being larger where the blade head is and smaller towards the end of the handle. It looks cool though.

Lubrication – the Sensor 5 has a small lubrication strip that really does not prove itself. There’s not a lot of sliding or gliding. The skin guard is very large and seems to work OK. Nothing spectacular or note worthy. I didn’t get any nicks but it felt like it could happen while I was shaving.

Shave – not that good. The blades are pretty sharp but seem to pull slightly. It’s not smooth at all. I think 5 blades is just too many. 3 blades shave far better. Not much lubrication either. The razor just drags on your skin. It does cut close but its not comfort.

Comments – I really do not like this razor. It’s very awkward to shave with. The handle design and angle don’t work well for me. It seems to pull on the hair and the large 5 blade head make it hard to shave my chin and jawline areas. I would rate the Sensor 5, at 3 stars. The other Sensor razors are much better.

The features of this razor sound impressive and marketing has done a great job but it just lacks performance.

BIC Flex 2 Hybrid

I was thinking the Flex 2 would be as good as the Flex 3 or pretty close but it was disappointing.

Blades – 2 flexible blades mounted in a pivoting head. There is a lubrication strip on the top and features Aloe to soften and heal skin. There is a skin guard on the bottom that pulls your skin tight to prevent nicks and ensure a close shave. The blades rinse easily and do not clog.

Handle – the Flex 2 handle is very similar to the Flex 3 and Flex 4. It’s very nice. It fills your hand and is very comfortable. It’s not too small and not too big. The texture is fantastic and very non-slip.

Lubrication – the lubrication strip works well just like the Flex 3 and 4. It does a good job of preventing nicks and helping the blades slide over your skin.

Shave – let me say this…it pulls. The blades are not the same blades as the Flex 3 and 4. They can’t be. The Flex 3 and 4 are super sharp and smooth cutting. This was disappointing. I do like some 2 blade razors like the Gillette Sensor 2 Plus. Anyway, the shave is not that close either probably because the blades are not sharp.

Comments – The BIC Flex 2 hybrid razor is nicely designed but lacks sharp blades. The shave is not comfortable nor close. I’ll stick with the Flex 3 and 4.

BIC Flex 3

This is a great razor. It shaves close and smooth. I like it.

BIC Flex 3 and Flex 4 razors

BIC Flex 3 [top] BIC Flex 4 [bottom]

Blades – 3 flexible steel blades that individually flex with the contours of your skin for a super close shave. They are very sharp and do not pull. The 3 blade razor head is not too big for hard to get to areas like under your nose.

Handle – very nice ergonomic soft handles. These are great. They fill your hand are comfortable and non-slip. Nice job BIC! They feel like soft rubber with a good texture.

Lubrication – one lubrication strip on top and a good skin guard on the bottom. They work well. This razor slides over your skin nicely.

Shave – Very Good indeed!! The BIC Flex 3 shaves very close and smoothly. There’s no pulling or nicks. It’s much better than the Flex 4.

Comments – The BIC Flex 3 is impressive. It shaves very smoothly. Lubrication is excellent and allows the razor blades to slide over your skin with little sensation. No nicks or razor burn. I didn’t think I would like this razor. I tried not to like it but it performed well. I will use this razor periodically. It’s a good backup for the Gillette Mach 3. The Flex 3 is pretty cheap at around $1.45 each.

The blade head is not too big as opposed th 4 and 5 blade razors. I can still shave easily under my nose. The 4 and 5

BIC Flex 4

The BIC Flex 4 disposable razor is a descent choice among 4 blades. Is it better than a 3 blade? Not hardly.

Blades – 4 flexible steel blades flex with the contour of your skin preventing nicks while cutting hair very close to your skin. These blades are sharp but seem to pull a little. The 4 blade head is larger than razors with fewer blades. The blades are spaced to facilitate easy rinsing.

Handle – again this handle is excellent!!! It’s just about perfect. Fills your hand so you have something to grip. I like a thicker handle. The feel and texture of the Flex 3 and 4 are really good. Gives you good control. This is definitely one of the best razor handles. It’s non-slip even with shaving gel on the handle. It’s super grippy.

Lubrication – lubrication is excellent. The lubrication strip provides a good amount of lubricant to your skin and makes the blades slide over your skin. It doesn’t get much better than this. The skin guard does just that…prevents your skin from getting cut.

Shave – this is a nice disposable razor and shaves really well. It slides over your skin while cutting hair very closely. Not much sensation of cutting or pulling. The shave is very close without nicks or razor burn.

Comments – I like the BIC Flex 4 razor. It does shave close and smooth but I don’t care for the larger head on the razor. It makes it hard to shave the chin and under the nose. 4 and 5 blade razors are just too bulky for me. I like 2 and 3 blades better. The Flex 4 and Flex 3 have one of the best handles on any razor. I love it.

BIC Flex 5

I used this razor this morning and was surprised. It wasn’t bad. I really don’t care for 5 blade razors and certainly not the Sensor 5.

BIC Flex 5 Razor

Blades – 5 flexible steel blades that follow the skin contour of your face or where ever you’re shaving. 5 Blades is said to cut closer because each blade cuts off some of the hair. So each hair is cut 5 times. In theory anyway. The flexible blades should prevent nicks and give you a really close shave.

The blade head is pivoting for easier shaving around difficult areas like chin and jawline.

The 5 blades are close together but they still rinse out easily. I did not have any clogging problems.

Handle – the handle on the Flex 5 is pretty nice. It’s not as nice as the Flex 3 and Flex 4 but much better than the Sensor 5. It’s beefy and gives you something to hold securely. It’s definitely cool looking. Marketing did their job on this razor.

The handle is shaped like an hour glass, thin in the middle and larger on each end. I’m not sure what the benefit of this is but it is comfortable to hold. The handle swell at the back end fills your hand nicely. It’s a good sized handle.

Lubrication – the Flex 5 has a lubrication strip on the top that does fairly well in use. It does help the 5 blades slide over your skin without much exertion or sensation. It is a smooth razor. I did not get any nicks or razor burn.

There is also a skin guard strip on the bottom of the razor head. It pulls your skin tight to allow cutting the hair very close without nicks. It works well.

Shave – After testing the Sensor 5 razor, which I don’t like, I thought this one was going to be a repeat. But it was not. It actually was pretty pleasant. The shave was pretty smooth and very close. The handle angle was good, much better than the Sensor 5. There was no pulling at all, It’s a very sharp razor. I did not get any nicks, even on the chin area which is difficult to shave with the large head of a 5 blade razor. It’s not the best for certain areas though.

Comments – Overall, I like the BIC Flex 5 razor. I won’t use it in the future, except may be on my legs. A 5 blade razor is just too big for my facial features. It’s hard to shave around my chin and under my nose. It does great on the sides of my face and my neck. It shaves very smoothly and is very sharp. I think there could be more lubrication. It seems to drag a little bit. The lubrication on the Gillette Sensor 2 Plus is much better and the same for the Mach 3 razor.

The BIC Flex 5 is most likely the best 5 blade razor. I would give it 3.75 stars out of 5 stars. If you want a 5 blade razor, get the Flex 5.