TechnoPower RC Radial Airplane Engines

Here is another RC radial engine manufacturer for those large scale WWII warbirds….TechnoPower Engines. I love how precision made they are. They use the same quality parts as in real aircraft (aircraft grade alloys) like black anodized cylinders and heads, billet crankshafts and connecting rods, double ball bearing crankshaft, billet aluminum pistons, chromed and lapped cylinder bores, etc.

TechnoPower Engines is located in California, USA. American made just like Wright and Pratt & Whitney. They offer 7 and 9 cylinder radial engines in displacements of 22.2 cc up to 66.5 cc. They retail for $2500 – $2900.

Here is a video demo of the TechnoPower 9 cylinder 66.5 cc radial engine starting and running. It is a real beauty for sure!