Large Scale RC F-14 Tomcat

If you liked “Top Gun” then you’ll love this large scale RC Grumman F-14 Tomcat featuring dual turbine engines, retractable gear and motorized swept wings. It’s as real as it gets in radio controlled military aircraft. The turbine engines are amazing to hear start up. It doesn’t get an more real that that!

Grumman F-14 Tomcat RC Jet

Large Scale RC Apache AH-64A Helicopter

If you enjoy large military helicopters then you’ll love this 1/7 scale RC AH-64A Apache Attack Helicopter. It looks and sounds like a real Apache helo.  They do take some time to learn to fly but as you will see it’s well worth the investment.

Large Scale RC AH-64A Apache Helicopter

Large Scale RC 747 Jumbo Jet

Here is the ultimate in large scale RC airline jets using 4 real turbine jet engines. This Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 is 1/13 scale.

1/13th Scale 747-400 Specifications

  • Wingspan 16.24 feet
  • Length 17.81 feet
  • Weight 150 lbs