Large Scale Model Rockets

Large Scale Model Rockets

The Aerotech G-Force 60″ rocket is a large scale model rocket that boasts a 4″ diameter body, airfoil molded fins, Fin Lock mounting system and rugged construction to support the Estes G & H series rocket engines.

Aerotech G-Force Large scale rocket

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Here are the specifications of the Aerotech G-Force 60″ rocket

  • Length: 60″
  • Weight: 32 ounces or 2 lbs
  • Max Diameter: 4.0″
  • Fin Count: 3
  • Motor size: 29mm
  • Recovery system: 42″ nylon parachute
  • Launch Pad Type: Mid Power

Aerotech G-Force Large scale rocket kit 2

Because this rocket is so large and has significant weight it takes off slowly just like a real rocket. Using a G71-4R rocket engine the G-Force rocket will reach 800 feet in altitude. It can use either the G motors or even the H motors if you want to get into high power rocketry.

The Aerotech G-Force rocket is easy to build and has pre slotted tubes to accommodate the 3 fins. The brilliant blue and black paint scheme allows you to build quickly and hit the launch pad. No hours of painting and drying with this kit.

Aerotech G-Force Large scale rocket kit

Watch this video of the Aerotech G-Force rocket launching.