Large Scale Electric FXD HG-90 Helicopter

Here is a super large scale electric helicopter in action. Watch this video.

This helicopter is manufactured by FXD and is almost 3.5 feet long (49 inches long). Its definitely a large scale RC helicopter. It’s powerful electric motor, 380 type with Li-Po battery makes this helicopter fly and look just like a real helicopter. It’s graceful and responsive. It comes with a full function 3.5Ch radio. The 360 degree accurate rotary position makes it perfect for outdoor flight. The body is high strength construction with an alloy metal frame. There’s even a working LED light! A gyroscope makes this helicopter smooth flying and very stabile.

The FXD HG-90 large scale helicopter retails for $249.99. You can save 25% plus Free shipping on the FXD HG-90 at