Good Beginner Radio Control Airplane

If you are interested in flying radio control airplanes but have never flown before then you need to start out with an airplane that is easy to fly and has a radio system that can help if you get into trouble while flying, better known as a “Panic Button”. The “Panic Button” is actually part of SAFE technology that can take over control of the airplane so it does not crash. This SAFE technology system has 3 modes, Beginner, Intermediate and¬†Experienced. Beginner mode will make the airplane easier to fly. There is a “Panic Mode” that can be pressed if things get out of control. Once pressed the airplane will return to a stable, level flight….like auto-pilot.

Anyway…the Hobbyzone Delta Ray RTF or Ready-To-Fly airplane is ideal for beginners and actually novices too. It offers SAFE technology in the RC system. The airplane’s design also makes it easy to fly. The construction is Z-foam which is extremely durable and easy to repair.

Here is a video review of the Delta Ray RTF beginner RC airplane.

Delta Ray RTF RC Airplane

Everything you need to start flying…just charge the battery. This is a great plane to learn how to fly with. It’s forgiving and durable. I also like it’s size. It’s not tiny, so you can see it easily while flying. You can buy one at and get free shipping too.