RC 1/16 Scale Tank – M1A2 Abrams MBT

The Heng Long RC M1A2 Abrahams MBT in 1/16 scale is an awesome piece of ingenuity.  The main gun shoots airsoft BBs. It comes with sounds effects and smoke. The upgraded version has metal tracks and gears. The turbine engine startup sounds really nice. The 50 cal machine gun in the turret has a muzzle flash. Nice job Heng Long!!

RC M1A2 Abrahams Tank

Buy the upgraded version (metal tracks and gears) of the Heng Long R/C M1A2 Abrams MBT from Amazon.com and get free shipping.

A video is worth 20,000 words so just take a look at this beauty.

RC German King Tiger Tank 1/16 Scale

The Heng Long Radio Control Tiger tank is one of the best available. It’s super detailed and has great sound effects. It is a large scale model being 1/16 scale. It also fires airsoft BB’s with great sound effects and smoke. The turret rotates 320 degrees and the barrel moves 30 degrees up and down. The upgraded model comes with metal tracks and gears.

Heng Long RC Tiger Tank

Buy the Heng Long R/C King Tiger Tank at Amazon.com and get free shipping.

Watch this demo video of the Heng Long RC Tiger Tank in action. It’s pretty amazing to say the least. A picture is worth 1,000 words but a video is worth 20,000 words.