RC Marine Engines – Gas and Electric

When it comes to radio control boats and powerplants, you have a choice…gas or electric?

If you think you need a gas R/C marine engine because it has more power, you maybe wrong. Electric marine motors or engines produce as much power as gas marine engines. There are some really powerful electric motors for radio control boats but lets take a look at some gas RC marine engines first. Click Here to shop for RC Marine Engines at Amazon.com

Atomik 26cc Marine gas engine

This is the Atomik 26cc Marine engine which is based on the Zenoah engine. It features a Walbro carburetor with primer bulb and pull start for easy starting. Lots of power from Atomik Marine Engines.

Kyosho GS21R-MR Onboard Marine Engine

This is the Kyosho GS21R-MR Marine engine and features a water cooled head, pull starter and 3.49cc displacement. Great for small to medium size race boats.

OS 21XM VII Outboard Marine Engine

Here is an outboard marine engine from O.S. Engines. It features a complete water cooled engine plus outboard drive unit and propeller. This is a 3.46cc nitro gas engine with lots of power and rpms.

OS Max 21XZ-M 35CC Inboard Marine Engine

Another great RC marine engine from O.S. Engines. This one is an inboard engine of the same size as the outboard version…3.5cc displacement. The head is water cooled and the exhaust port is rearward.

SuperTigre 18 Inboard Marine Engine

Here is a real nice RC marine engine…the Super Tigre 18 with Super Start. The Super Tigre is great for any .15-.18 size RC race boats. It has a water cooled head and a special Super Start system. This motor runs on Nitro gas.

Thunder Tiger Pro 46M Marine Engine

The Thunder Tiger Pro .46 inboard marine engine is a real screamer. It has lots of power running on nitro gas. It is manufactured like real marine engines…CNC machining, ABN piston and sleeve, aluminum piston, brass cylinder sleeve, etc. This is a top quality marine engine.

Now let’s take a look at some powerful electric marine motors. Click Here to Shop for RC Boat Motors at Amazon.com

Atomik RC Venom V500 Marine Electric Motor

Here is the Atomik RC Venom V500 Outrunner Brushless Electric marine motor. The Venom brushless motor features an internal fan to keep the motor cool. It produces ultra high torque which is perfect for race boats. This motor is designed for race boats up to 30″ long.

Proteus HobbyShot SkyRC Electric Brushless Marine Motor

The Proteus boat or marine motors are the ultimate in power and designed for the largest race boats…5 foot to 7 foot boats. These motors have a lot of power and are pretty large in size. All Proteus motors have a water cooled shell as you can see in the picture. These are top of the line RC marine motors.

ProBoat Electric Outboard Boat Motor

This is an interesting electric outboard marine engine/motor from Proboat. It is for the Proboat Stilletto race boat. It comes with the electric motor and outboard drive unit. It simply bolts onto the boat and hook up the electrical system and it’s ready to go.