How to Fiberglass Radio Control Airplane Parts

Fiberglass (cloth and resin) can make radio control airplane parts much stronger and durable without adding significant weight. You can fiberglass just some small parts or the entire fuselage and wings. It really improves the strength and durability of foam.

Watch and learn how to fiberglass R/C airplane parts.

How to Touch-up RC Airplanes with an Airbrush

Many RTF or Ready to Fly radio control airplanes come with a descent paint job but they still could use some detailed touch-ups to make them more true-to-life. Areas like the wheel wells, landing gear struts and machine guns. Airbrushing makes touching up radio control airplanes easy and results are fantastic. Watch this video showing “where and how” to touch up a radio control airplane model.

How to Repair Foam R/C Airplanes

Foam is an excellent building material for radio control airplanes BUT it damages very easily. But is also repairs very easily too if you know how and if you use the right product. Learn how to repair foam RC airplanes using Foam-Tac Foam Finish from Beacon Adhesives.

How to Install Radio Control Airplane Hinges

If you are building or want to buy a R/C airplane kit then you know installing hinges is a very critical part of the build. They must be done right or you will have big problems when you try to fly the airplane.

A picture is worth 1,000 word but a video is worth 20,000 words, so watch this professional video on installing hinges on a radio control airplane.

Learn How to Fly an RC Airplane

So how do people learn to fly a radio control airplane? Do they just buy one and start flying?

…I wouldn’t

There is a fly simulator program that will help you learn to fly a RC airplane before you even buy one. It’s called Phoenix R/C 5. Here is a link…Phoenix R/C 5 Simulator. It’s pretty amazing!

Here is a video of the Phoenix R/C 5 simulator program.

How to Cover a Radio Control Airplane Wing

If you’re building a balsa wood radio control model airplane and you are new to building models, then watch this “How To” video on covering the airplane wing with fabric. It’s not as easy as it sounds and it takes time and patience to do it right.