Best Selling RC Helicopter – Syma S107

The best selling radio control helicopter is the Syma S107 helicopter. It has over 3,300 review online with an average rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars. It is a small helicopter and only for indoor flights but it is a ton of fun and less than $20.

Syma S107 RC Helicopter

Here are the features of the Syma S107 RC Helicopter

  • Easy to fly
  • Stable flight characteristics
  • Great for beginners or novices
  • LiPo battery for more power
  • Brush type electric motor
  • 4 in 1 infrared receiver
  • Aluminum frame for strength
  • USB charger
  • Spare tail rotor blade
  • Indoor flights only

Here is a great video demo of the Syma S107 RC Helicopter. They are a lot of fun. Buy the Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter with Gyro (Red) from

Radio Control AH-1Z Viper Attack Helicopter

Here is a super detailed AH-1Z Viper helicopter. The Viper is an upgrade to the SuperCobra. It’s complete with rotating Gatling gun, nose sensor pod, turbine engine, four blade main rotor, variable pitch tail rotor, rocket pods and a paint scheme to die for. And it flies as good as it looks.

Syma S031G RC Helicopter Review

Syma S031G R/C Helicopter Review

First lets watch a video so you can see what this RC helicopter looks like and flies like. A video is worth 20,000 words.

As you can see this helicopter is sizable and a blast to fly indoors. Outdoors is a little more challenging because of wind and radio signal strength.

Blue Syma S031G RC Helicopter

Syma S031G RC Helicopter Features

  • Super powerful LiPo battery setup
  • 24 inches in length
  • 3 channel radio
  • LED lights
  • Great beginner RC helicopter
  • Alloy structure
  • Advanced intelligent balance system
  • 12 minute flight time
  • Max altitude 50 meters
  • Control range 100 meters or a football field
  • Inexpensive at under $60

Shop Syma S031G R/C Helicopters at and get free shipping.

Heli-Max RC Black Hawk Helicopter Review

Heli-Max Black Hawk RC Helicopter Review

The Heli-Max Black Hawk helicopter is one of the most detailed radio control models that I have seen. Just review these awesome features.

  • Collective pitch main rotor head
  • Variable pitch tail rotor
  • Triple Axis Gyro stabilization
  • 1/43 scale
  • Brushless electric motor
  • Magnetic battery hatch
  • 6 channel 2.4 GHz SLT radio
  • LiPo battery

Heli-Max Black Hawk Helicopter

Buy the Heli-Max Black Hawk Helicopter at with Free shipping.

Here is a video review of the Heli-Max R/C Black Hawk Helicopter

Large Scale RC Russian Mi24 Helicopter

The Russian Mi24 attack helicopter is an awesome war machine and this large scale RC version is magnificent. The scale is 1/7.6 with a main rotor diameter of 8.2 feet. It weighs over 50 lbs and sports a real turbine engine from Pahl…its the GPH 70.

Large Scale Electric FXD HG-90 Helicopter

Here is a super large scale electric helicopter in action. Watch this video.

This helicopter is manufactured by FXD and is almost 3.5 feet long (49 inches long). Its definitely a large scale RC helicopter. It’s powerful electric motor, 380 type with Li-Po battery makes this helicopter fly and look just like a real helicopter. It’s graceful and responsive. It comes with a full function 3.5Ch radio. The 360 degree accurate rotary position makes it perfect for outdoor flight. The body is high strength construction with an alloy metal frame. There’s even a working LED light! A gyroscope makes this helicopter smooth flying and very stabile.

The FXD HG-90 large scale helicopter retails for $249.99. You can save 25% plus Free shipping on the FXD HG-90 at

Large Scale RC Apache AH-64A Helicopter

If you enjoy large military helicopters then you’ll love this 1/7 scale RC AH-64A Apache Attack Helicopter. It looks and sounds like a real Apache helo.  They do take some time to learn to fly but as you will see it’s well worth the investment.

Large Scale RC AH-64A Apache Helicopter