OS 4 Cylinder 4 Stroke RC Airplane Engine

OS Pegasus 4 cylinder 4 stroke RC engine

The O.S. Pegasus 4 Cylinder 4 Stroke RC airplane engine. Looks just like a Lycoming doesn’t it? Manufactured just like real aircraft engines with the same aircraft grade alloys.

  • Pushrod overhead valves
  • Gear driven camshaft
  • Ringed pistons
  • Camshaft ball bearings
  • Crankshaft ball bearings
  • 4.1 hp at 8,000 rpm
  • Propeller lock nut assembly
  • Weight 77 oz
  • 4 glow plugs
  • 3.2 cu in displacement

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TechnoPower RC Radial Airplane Engines

Here is another RC radial engine manufacturer for those large scale WWII warbirds….TechnoPower Engines. I love how precision made they are. They use the same quality parts as in real aircraft (aircraft grade alloys) like black anodized cylinders and heads, billet crankshafts and connecting rods, double ball bearing crankshaft, billet aluminum pistons, chromed and lapped cylinder bores, etc.

TechnoPower Engines is located in California, USA. American made just like Wright and Pratt & Whitney. They offer 7 and 9 cylinder radial engines in displacements of 22.2 cc up to 66.5 cc. They retail for $2500 – $2900.

Here is a video demo of the TechnoPower 9 cylinder 66.5 cc radial engine starting and running. It is a real beauty for sure!

9 Cylinder RC Radial Engines from Evolution Engines

For the ultimate powerplant for a WWII warbird of the radial persuasion look no further than Evolution Engines. Evolution Engines manufactures top quality 7 and 9 cylinder radial engines in sizes from 35 cc to 260 cc. They are manufactured with the same quality and workmanship as the real Pratt & Whitney R2800 radial engines. Truly magnificent!

Evolution E999 RC Radial Engine

Here is the 9 cylinder 99 cc 4 stroke radial engine from Evolution retailing for $1899.00. For more info…Evolution Engines.

Listen to the sound of the Evolution 7 cylinder radial engine on this F4U Corsair at idle. It’s unreal.

Amazing Rotomotor 4 Cylinder 4 Stroke RC Airplane Engine

Here is an amazing 4 cylinder opposed 4 stroke RC airplane engine from the Czech Republic Rotomotor. What a real beauty and not cheap either. I think it was around $2500 but Wow. It shipped in a custom made wooden case. The displacement is 170 cc which is the size of a motorcycle engine. Very nice workmanship indeed.

1/4 Scale Model V-8 Engine from Conley

Super cool 1/4 scale V-8 model gas engine from Conley. If you want a real V-8 for your RC car or truck then check out this video. It’s a tour of the Conly V-8 engine shop. You’ll see the block, gaskets, carburetor, heads, etc. It is incredible!!

Traxxas 3.3 TRX RC Engine

Traxxas 3.3 TRX RC Gas Engine with pull starter

Traxxas 3.3 TRX Engine

The Traxxas 3.3 TRX Engine is the most powerful TRX engine ever made. It is the top engine in TRX competition. It retails for $220 but you can save 39% plus get free shipping here…Buy the Traxxas 3.3 TRX Engine at Amazon.com

Traxxas 3.3 TRX Engine specifications:

  • 60% more horsepower than the 2.5 TRX engine
  • EZ Start pull starter
  • Lifetime engine replacement plan
  • Straight through exhaust flow
  • TRX IPS crankshaft
  • ABC constructed piston and sleeve
  • Surface hardened, precision ground and micro-polished crankshaft for superior life and durability
  • Knife-edged connecting rod
  • TRX composite slide carburetor
  • Ultra high performance ball bearings
  •  PowerTune head for extreme cooling and performance
  • High volume air filter

Traxxas 3.3 TRX Engine-1

Impact resistance head protector prevents damage to the cylinder head should an impact occur.

Thunder Tiger RC Engines

Thunder Tiger RC Gas Engines

Thunder Tiger Corp. manufactures gas engines for radio controlled vehicles from an engine size of 07 to a 120. They have Nitro gas engines for helicopters, 2-stroke and 4-stroke for Airplanes,  2-stroke cars and boats (both inboard and outboard). The offer a GP and a Pro series in their engine lineup. The GP series are “Green Power” while the Pro series are higher performance. Thunder Tiger engines are built to last and provide high performance. Aerospace technology CNC machine components.

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Thunder Tiger 9041 GP .42 ABC with Muffler

Thunder Tiger Pro RC Engine

Thunder Tiger GP .42 ABC Engine Specifications

  • Displacement: .421 cu. in.
  • RPM: 2,000-15,000
  • Output (BHP): 1.10
  • Weight: 12.6 oz
  • Maintenance free bronze bushings
  • Schnuerle porting
  • ABN piston and cylinder sleeve
  • Adjustable air bleed carburetor
  • Angular needle valve
  • One piece crankcase
  • Aluminum piston
  • Nickel plated brass cylinder liner
  • Side exhaust
  • Redline R2 glow plug

Thunder Tiger PRO .61 BB ABC

Thunder Tiger Pro 61BB Engine

Thunder Tiger PRO .61 BB ABC Specifications:

  • Displacement: .609 cu. in.
  • RPM: 2,000-17,000 rpm
  • Output (BHP): 1.85
  • Weight: 26.75 oz
  • Aerospace technology ball bearings
  • Schnuerle-boost combustion porting
  • ABN type piston and cylinder
  • Side exhaust
  • Al-Si ringed piston
  • High strength connecting rod
  • One piece crankcase
  • Dual ball bearing crankshaft
  • Twin needle valve carburator
  • Angled needle valve
  • CNC machines components

Thunder Tiger .56H Ringed Redline Helicopter Engine

Thunder Tiger RC Engines-1

Thunder Tiger .56H Ringed Redline Heli Engine Specs

  • Displacement: .553 cu. in.
  • RPM: 2,000-21,000
  • Output (BHP): 2.23 bhp
  • Weight: 13.80 oz
  • XC2 (extreme composite coating) cylinder liner
  • Precision balanced crankshaft with Ni plating
  • High strength connecting rod
  • CNC machined Al-Si ringed piston
  • Over sized heatsink head for maximum cooling
  • CNC machined components
  • Non-seizing flange mount carburetor with thermo insulator
  • Push/pull throttle lever
  • Redline R3 high performance glow plug