Building the Dumas RC Chris Craft Boat

If you want to build a wooden RC boat kit but don’t know what it will be like then watch this time lapsed video of building the Dumas Chris Craft RC boat. It does require some time to build a RC boat kit but it is well worth it. The real fun is actually in the build.

Click Here to Buy the Dumas 24″ 1941 Chris Craft Boat Kit w/8-1/2″ Beam (1/8 Scale) from

Building a Dumas Chris Craft RC Boat from a kit.

Fast Remote Control Boats – ProBoat Blackjack 29

The ProBoat Blackjack 29 Catamaran remote control race boat is very fast on the water…up to 45 mph. The Blackjack 29 is a 29 inch catamaran style race boat with a 2000kV brushless, water-cooled motor and 120A ESC that can handle 6S LiPo power. The 29 inch hull is fiberglass and cuts through the water like a Pro. It includes a Spektrum™ 2.4Ghz DX2E marine radio system including the SR410 receiver. The propeller and rudder are metal and top notch. All the electronics are waterproof.

The ProBoat Blackjack 29 is race ready right out of the box. Buy the ProBoat Blackjack 29 race boat at and get free shipping.

ProBoat Blackjack 29 Race Boat

ProBoat Blackjack 29 Race Boat propeller

Nice metal hardware makes this race boat first class

ProBoat Blackjack 29 Race Boat motor

Water cooled 2000kV brushless motor has lots of power.

Watch this fast race boat scream across a lake in this video…note the big rooster tail.