Best Micro R/C Planes

Micro RC planes are a blast to fly and enable anyone to fly radio  control airplanes even if you do not have a large outdoor lot to fly in. Micro RC planes let you fly indoors and outdoors (on calm days only). Gymnasiums are the perfect place for micro RC plane flights. It provides lots of space to fly with no wind nor rough terrain to land on. Micro RC airplanes are very easy to fly especially E-Flite UMX (Ultra Micro Extreme aircraft) airplanes. E-Flite UMX airplanes are the most popular and highly rated.

Let’s take a look as some E-Flite micro RC airplanes

E-Flite Micro RC PT-17 airplane

E-Flite UMX Micro RC PT-17 Airplane

E-Flite Micro RC F-16 airplane

E-Flite UMX Micro RC F-16 Jet Airplane

E-Flite Micro RC P3 Revolution airplane

E-Flite UMX Micro RC P3 Evolution Airplane

E-Flite Micro RC B-17 airplane

E-Flite UMX Micro RC B-17 Airplane

E-Flite micro RC P-47 airplane

E-Flite UMX Micro RC P-47 Thunderbolt Airplane

All of these micro RC airplanes have the following features

  • Brushless BL180 outrunner power system (installed)
  • Advanced AS3X® technology delivers rock-solid handling
  • Realism that includes scale wheels and cockpit detail
  • Fully assembled with no building required
  • Industry-leading Spektrum™ DSMX® 2.4GHz technology
  • Performance linear long-throw servos (installed)
  • Proportional 4-channel control plus steerable nose/tail wheel
  • Plug-in main landing gear and tail wheel
  • 2, 3 or 4-Blade propeller and a dummy engine

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Top Flite Large Scale P-51 Mustang with Sound

I love the large scale radio control warbirds and the P-51 Mustang is one of my favorites. Here is an amazing P-51 Mustang with sound that will blow your socks off. The sound is as authentic as possible without have a Merlin V-12 running. At first I thought this P-51 had a gas engine with special sound effects but I discovered it’s powered by an electric motor (AXI 5345/14)!! I had no idea there were electric motors powerful enough for this large scale airplane and better yet the owner said that it’s over powered with a 21×14 prop. WOW!!!

RC Cessna 182 Airplane – RTF

R/C or Radio Control Cessna 182 Airplane

Redcat Racing offers a great R/C Cessna 182 airplane that is Read to Fly. The Cessna 182 is a very easy and forgiving airplane to fly. It is ideal for beginners and novices alike. If you are new to radio control airplanes, the Cessna 182 is perfect for you.

Redcat Cessna 182 RC Airplane

This Cessna 182 airplane comes with a 6 channel 2.4GHz radio system that controls the ailerons, rudder, elevators, flaps and throttle. The aircraft is constructed from super tough and durable EPO material. It can resist damage from low impact crashes and scrapes.

The Redcat Cessna 182 RC airplane is a real bargain in the R/C world. Buy the Redcat Cessna 182 Airplane at

This airplane is capable of many aerobatic maneuvers such as inside and outside loops, rolls, inverted flight, knife edge, stall turns, hammerheads and spins.

The 182 has a brushless  Outrunner High Torque Motor, 30A Speed Control, and 1800mah 11.1 Volt Li-Po Battery Pack Rudder to help steer the plane on the ground. The electric motor has plenty of power and is quiet when compared to Nitro gas engines.

The Cessna 182 assembles in just minutes.

Total flight time on a charge runs about 15 minutes.

Here is a video of the Redcat Cessna 182 RC airplane so you can see how it flies.

Good Beginner Radio Control Airplane

If you are interested in flying radio control airplanes but have never flown before then you need to start out with an airplane that is easy to fly and has a radio system that can help if you get into trouble while flying, better known as a “Panic Button”. The “Panic Button” is actually part of SAFE technology that can take over control of the airplane so it does not crash. This SAFE technology system has 3 modes, Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced. Beginner mode will make the airplane easier to fly. There is a “Panic Mode” that can be pressed if things get out of control. Once pressed the airplane will return to a stable, level flight….like auto-pilot.

Anyway…the Hobbyzone Delta Ray RTF or Ready-To-Fly airplane is ideal for beginners and actually novices too. It offers SAFE technology in the RC system. The airplane’s design also makes it easy to fly. The construction is Z-foam which is extremely durable and easy to repair.

Here is a video review of the Delta Ray RTF beginner RC airplane.

Delta Ray RTF RC Airplane

Everything you need to start flying…just charge the battery. This is a great plane to learn how to fly with. It’s forgiving and durable. I also like it’s size. It’s not tiny, so you can see it easily while flying. You can buy one at and get free shipping too.

Micro Scale B-17G RC Airplane

The E-Flite UMX B-17F Flying Fortress is a really nice micro RC airplane. The details are very good and it’s a blast to fly. There are 4 electric motors, 3-bladed props, working rudder, ailerons and elevators. It is pretty maneuverable too.

Here is a video review from a hobby store professional.

The E-Flite B-17 is a “ready to fly” Radio Control airplane. You just have to install the landing gears and charge the batteries. Just remember to learn how to fly R/C planes before you fly, if you have never done it before. Buy the E-Flite UMX B-17G Flying Fortress micro RC airplane at and get free shipping.

E-Flite UMX B-17G Micro RC Airplane

E-Flite UMX RC F-4U Corsair RTF

The E-Flite UMX F-4U Corsair is a small but amazing radio control airplane. The wingspan is only about 16″ and considered a micro scale airplane however it is fairly easy to fly with the AS3X  technology which helps stabilize the airplane. It is electric and quite fast. Watch this demo video to get a better ideal of what it looks like and how it performs. You will be impressed.

E-Flite UMX F-4U Corsair RC Airplane

E-Flite UMX F-4U Corsair RC Airplane-1

This RC airplane comes with everything you need to start flying. The online reviews are very good with an average rating of 4 stars out of 5 stars.

Just remember that you need to learn how to fly a RC airplane before you do anything. Get something like Phoenix R/C 5 simulator and learn before you take any RC plane out. You will enjoy it more and not crash on the first flight. Buy the E-Flite UMX F-4U Corsair at and get free shipping.