E-Flite Carbon-Z T-28 Trojan RC Airplane Review

The E-Flite Carbon-Z T-28 Trojan is a large radio controlled airplane that is very easy to fly. Watch this video review and you’ll be amazed!!

Here are the features of the E-Flite T-28 Trojan.

  • Easy to complete final assembly
  • AS3X technology delivers flight performance that’s rock solid
  • Electric retractable tricycle landing gear (installed)
  • Operational flaps with individual servos (installed)
  • Rigid Carbon-Z construction for a rigid airframe
  • Scale appearance with cockpit and radial engine detail
  • Spektrum™ 6-channel AR636A DSMX® receiver (installed)
  • Powerful 60-Size brushless power system (installed)
  • 7 × High quality, metal gear servos (installed)
  • Accepts a range of 6S 22.2V Li-Po batteries from 3500–5000mAh
  • Large canopy hatch with latch closure
  • Two piece, bolt on wings and stabilizers
  • Vivid trim scheme with U.S. Navy inspired graphics
  • 2 blade propeller (included)
  • Flat style pin hinges on the ailerons, rudder and elevator
  • Scale landing gear strut details and two-piece main gear doors

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Hobbyzone Champ RTF RC Airplane Review

The Hobbyzone Champ RTF radio controlled airplane is a great plane for beginners to start with. It’s easy to fly, inexpensive (under $100) and is pretty indestructible. You can fly it anywhere from backyards to parks or even in the streets.

Check out the reviews here…Hobbyzone Champ RTF R/C Airplane at Amazon.com

Watch this thorough review of the Hobbyzone Champ RTF (ready to fly) radio controlled airplane and test flight. 

All Metal RC German Tiger Tank

The Taigen 1/16 scale metal Tiger tank is the ultimate in radio control tanks. If you’re wanting a radio control tank that feels, looks and sounds real then the Taigen Tiger is the ticket.

Taigen all metal RC Tiger Tank

Here is an unboxing and review video of the Taigen all metal Tiger Tank.

Here are more pictures of the metal Taigen RC Tiger Tank.

Taigen all metal RC Tiger Tank-1

Taigen all metal RC Tiger Tank-2

Taigen all metal RC Tiger Tank-3

Taigen all metal RC Tiger Tank-4

The tow cables are real metal cables.

Taigen all metal RC Tiger Tank-5


German Jagdtiger Metal Edition R/C Tank

Looking for a radio control 1/16 scale METAL battle tank?

Toro Jagdtiger metal rc tank

This is the German Jagdtiger (Hunting Tiger) battle tank and it’s mostly metal from Torro. The real Jagdtiger tank weighed an impressive 71 tons.

Buy the Torro Jagdtiger Metal Edition (Desert Yellow) Airsoft 1/16th Scale RTR RC Tank at Amazon.com and get free shipping

Here are the features of this 1/16 scale metal battle tank.

  • 1/16th Scale German Jagdtiger Metal Edition R/C Tank
  • 2.4GHz RTR Radio System 
  • Comes with 2000mAh Battery & Charger
  • Metal Chassis
  • Metal Drive Wheels
  • Metal Idler Wheels
  • Steel V2 Ball Bearing Gearboxes
  • Metal Road Wheels
  • Metal Caterpillar Tracks
  • Metal Main Gun Barrel
  • Metal Hatches
  • Airsoft BB Main Gun
  • Yellow Desert Paint Scheme
  • Metal tow hooks
  • Metal exhausts
  • LED Machine Gun
  • Smoke Unit
  • Speaker

Here is an unboxing of the German radio control Jagdtiger battle tank from Torro. The language in the video is German but you can still see the tank and see how it runs and functions.

R/C Turbine Jet Airshow in Kentucky

The greatest collection of radio control turbine jets ever at a R/C airshow. Here are just a few of the large scale jets you will see.

  • DC-10 UPS Airline Jet
  • F-15 Eagle
  • A-10 Warthog
  • Dassault Rafale
  • F-22 Raptor
  • Mig-29 Fulcrum
  • F-9 Panther
  • BAC Concorde
  • Super nice F-14 Tomcat with actuated wings
  • plus many more….hundreds of R/C jets